Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writing Fundamentals- abbreviations and terms

The writing life is full of odd abbreviations and terms and you may find yourself what certain writing articles or websites are talking about. This is a list of basic abbreviations/terms you may come across as you pursue your writing career.

pov: Point of View. The angle from which a story is told.
mss: manuscript
manuscript: what you're writing
stet: an editing comment which essentially means, "I just crossed that out, but ignore my cross-out. Leave it the way it was."
sp: spelling error
protagonist: the main character of your story, the hero
antagonist: the character who is giving your protagonist a challenge/hard time. The villain.
setting: time and place of your story

In essence, a lot of this may seem familiar from your language arts classes where your teacher tells you about the elements of fiction. There are about a gajillion more, but these are the basics that came to mind as I was thinking about the most common things I've come across in my writing.

What things have you seen that you maybe didn't know about before? Anything you're wondering about? Share! :-)

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